Rajgarh Hills
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Local Places

Some Local Places of Interest

Surdhar Temple

  • Feeling adventurous climb up to Himgiri Peak, excellent panoramic views
  • 1 1/2 hour trek


  • The hub of this region and certainly the largest town in the vicinity, height of approx 5,000 ft.
  • Shopping convenience for daily needs, fuel, medicine, internet etc.
  • Surrounded by fruit orchards, also known as the Peach Valley of Himachal
  • 2 kms

Kanda Water Fall

  • Fancy a swim, visit a natural pool and waterfall
  • 20 kms
  • Many people walk for some terrific views and gentle gradient

Badu Sahib/ Baru Sahib

  • Here you can visit a Sikh Akal Academy spread over 400 acres
  • 30 kms via Rajgarh


  • Explore an old Oak Forest, scenic drive through orchards
  • 31 kms via Rajgarh

Churdhar/ Choordhar

  • Want a view of the Gangetic Plains, Higher Himalayas pretty much you can see everything from here
  • Historic Lord Shiva temple near summit
  • From Nohra Dhar a 16 km trek, most require a base camp
  • Base camp made at Teesri on the way Churdhar
  • A wealth of herbs and beautiful alpine flora cover these Himalayan slopes, Local legend has it that Lord Hanuman found Sanjeevani Buti in this vicinity (Ramayan)

Renuka Ji/ Renukaji

  • Here you can visit a lake fed by natural springs
  • Also has a wildlife sanctuary which has rare birds, deer, bears and lions
  • Area has famous temples of Lord Parshuram, Lord Shiva and Mata Renuka
  • 65 kms

About Rajgarh Hills

The paradise where one can feel own soul away from maddening crowds to rejuvenate your senses, experience the nature and respite yourself in tranquilty. Re-energize your mind and body with adventure activities that test your endurance, revitalize and detoxify your soul at forest spa. It is nested in the mid hills of shiwalik at the southern periphery
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